Tipperary hurling manager Liam Sheedy is happy with team's effort and energy

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne


Liam Sheedy

"I think you've seen a real drive in that jersey that I'm really impressed with", says Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy

Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy had no problem with Cork referee Colm Lyons’ decision to send Noel McGrath off during Sunday’s Allianz National League game in Wexford, which his team lost by a point.

“It (the first foul) was a mistimed tackle, it was going to be a yellow card.  I don't think either of them (yellow cards) was malicious. 

“I don’t think there was any intent, but at the same time in terms of what happened in that first half I have no complaints. I’d have much bigger things to complain about than the sending-off. When you mistime it like that it’s yellow, when you do it twice you’re probably going to see the line”.

 An ironic cheer was raised by the Tipp supporters when the referee awarded the visitors a free after 31 minutes.

“At that stage it was ten frees to two”, said the Tipp manager,  “and I was wondering did the arms go both ways at all! Did they only go one way! And I felt some of them (the frees) that were given in that first half as against those not given to John McGrath and Jason (Forde) who were clearly fouled in the second half.... but look I have no complaints and I appreciate how difficult a job it is to referee a game. 

“I just thought there were a few moments in that game... when you lose by a point everything is questionable but we coughed up some cheap possession.  When the man was sent off we ended up having to rain ball down on top of their half back line. That’s where they had the extra man, so it made it very difficult.

“John McGrath (above) and Jason (Forde) could have got a few frees there late on. I thought there were much softer frees given in the first half. I’m not blaming the ref for us being where we are. 

“I thought we hurled well enough to get something out of the game and it didn’t happen but look, it’s the middle of February. 

In terms of the project and where we are overall I’m very happy with the effort and the energy that they’re bringing to the pitch. It was a good, spirited performance that came up one point short but we think overall, it was a good, solid performance.

Sheedy looked back on “the killer goal” that brought Wexford back into contention.

“There was a throw-in and we got sucked in, and we didn’t defend that ball well but look, what a game. There was a really strong breeze there and a big crowd there from Wexford. It’s a hard place to go, we’ve seen it over the course of this league that it’s hard to win away from home, so we’ve a lot to take out of the game.

 He said that his team were playing it “match by match”.

“Against Limerick and Wexford we went out with the intention of trying to win the game, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. If you asked me what makes it more pleasing, it’s the way we are approaching and the way we are applying ourselves.

“I think you’ve seen a real drive in that jersey that I am really impressed with, and we are showing flashes of our play that is very good. We’re still on a steep learning curve, we have a bit to go and we’re far from the finished article. We’re 10 or 11 weeks out from where the real fun and games will begin”.

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