GAA's pledge to club and inter county players will be very welcome in Tipperary

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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There will be plenty of headaches for CCC members once scheduling recommences

Although the GAA has suspended all activities until the Bank Holiday weekend, May 5, the pledge to club and inter county players to facilitate both sets, is very welcome news in The Premier County.

At present 2% if GAA players are of the inter county variety, whereas 100% are club players. However, there was a fear on the ground that the club championships could get squeezed in order to facilitate the lucrative and very necessary inter county scene - funds derived from the inter county championships keep the Association afloat in so many various ways including the provision of hundreds Games Development Administrators , officials and coaches throughout the country.

While there is absolutely no doubt now that championship formats will have to be altered in order for competitions to be played and completed, news that there is an intention, desire  and willingness to still play them all is very welcome. Right now players and supporters around the country are itching for some action and cannot wait for the restrictions to be lifted. In Tipperary - a dual county - the challenge for the CCC to fix club games across all grades, and divisions, in conjunction with the inter county season, will lead to plenty of headaches. But, there is still a determination to get the games played, however that will be possible.

The GAA issued a statement on the state of affairs and it reads:

"The GAA acknowledges last weekend’s Government announcement of the extension of current restrictions until May 5th and its impact on the scheduling of sporting events and working practices, and has factored the extension of the arrangements into its contingency planning. To that end, the Association can confirm that club activity remains suspended until May 5th. 

 "The Senior inter-county championships, scheduled to begin in May, will be postponed until further clarity on the current situation is available.  However, it is the Association’s view that it is highly unlikely these will be rescheduled any time before the beginning of July, at the earliest.

 "When sporting activity recommences, the GAA will accommodate both club and county games. The Association also intends to complete the Allianz Leagues, or at least those games that have a bearing on next year's divisions, where possible. A Special Congress, held remotely, will take place this Friday to propose decision-making flexibility to allow us vary competition structures, if required, in advance of resuming games.

 "In keeping with the approach of the Association since the start of this crisis, all of our decisions will be based on the advice of the medical professionals and the government. 

 "Finally, the GAA would again like to thank our members and units for their support at this time and for continuing to adhere to the government guidelines."