Tipperary Coiste na n-Óg plans fora new season

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It's a tough job being a rugby a referee

Referees will be reprting unacceptable behaviour on and off the pitch says Chairman

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated on or off the pitch, says Chairman Tommy Landers

A new year always brings about excitement for what lies ahead, 2021 carries with it a lot more than just a new year.

The hope and need for just getting to the field is more than just a light in a tunnel. Vigilance has to be maintained at this crucial time to allow for return dates to be put in place. Then we can all add it to the calendar as our first collective goal.
New Season

Most will be aware of the change to the age grades with all competitions moving up a year. We now have very competitive championships at U13, U15 & U17. The continuation of our County C & D grades insures ever club has a chance to provide games for their players be it first or second teams. Rules and regulations for these competitions were finalised last week by a well-attended full board meeting.

Probably one of the longer zoom calls Chairman Tommy Landers was encouraged and positive about moving forward. In the main the U15 & 17 competitions will remain the same. U15’s will use size 5 football and slithoar. Other than that, it's as we were last year for U14 & U16 competitions.

The biggest change was always going to be to the u13 the length of discussion mirrored that. Three main adjustments will be pitch size, numbers and time. U13 A&B will be 30mins aside, 25mins for C & D. The pitch is now 13m to 13m continuing to use the same goals as the u12’s did. Thirteen is also the number of players for each team in both A & B. Grade C is minimum of 11 aside, 13m to 13m pitch. While D is minimum of 9 aside 20m to 20m.

In game rules for football, four steps, one hop or solo, four steps then pass or shoot. Only the goalkeeper can kick the ball out from hand. The “Mark” from the kick out is in play, we won’t be using the attacking mark. ‘45’s to be taken from the ‘45’. A slight change will see “Roll on roll off” for substitutions. A slip will have to be provided to the referee for any player entering the field. A Black card will earn five minutes in the sin bin, no replacement. In hurling it’s four steps, touch, four steps, pass/shoot. ‘65’s from the ‘65’ with the same rule applying to the substitutions as football.

We encourage all mentors and parents to make enquiries with their club for a copy of the full regulations. It’s important that we all know the rules. Just to note that non-competitive games will be put in place for u11’s. With each division having full control over them.

Message to All
New Chairman Tommy Landers has asked that all clubs take the time to inform their mentors, players and supporters of the Coiste na naÓg's strict stance on behaviour at our games.

“To players, mentors, parents and supporters Tipperary Coiste na nOg wish to inform all attending Coiste na nOg games that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated on or off the pitch. The referee will report any abuse of players, referee, linesmen ,umpires or supporters to the board and appropriate action will be taken.

The referees report will be examined by the CCC and the club in question will be asked to respond, clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their players ,mentors and supporters. As the County Coiste na nOG has a zero-tolerance approach to any sort of abuse or bad behaviour at our games please be aware the consequences can be serious.

We ask clubs to look seriously at this issue and hopefully with everyone’s co-operation all boys and girls will enjoy playing our great games of hurling and football in the true spirit of the Association.”

Is mise, Tomas de Londras, Cathaoirleach

To all who have taken on vital roles within their clubs for the year ahead we wish you the very best of luck. The time you will give plays a massive role ensuring the next generation have the opportunity to play our great games. Giving them a place to be and feeling part of their club.