Sr Mary retires from Templemore Community Services





Sr Mary Moloney, Templemore

Sr Mary Moloney, Senior Social Worker and Michael Crowley, Chairman, Templemore Community Services Centre

 It was a bitter sweet occasion at a recent gathering held in the Templemore Arms to mark the retirement of Sr. Mary Moloney who had been Social Worker with Templemore Community Services for nearly 30 years. 

 Sr. Mary was part and parcel of all the activities in which the service is engaged. Her light hearted, professional, caring manner endeared her to the many people, families and organisations with which she had contact. Her professionalism and care for those she encountered was always to the fore.

The gathering included many people who were very happy to salute Sr. Mary for all the kindness and care she had demonstrated over many years. Many of her fellow sisters together with a representation from many organisations with which she had contact were in attendance, not forgetting her own family with whom she had a very special bond.

Speaking on the night Sr. Mary recalled: “I have many happy memories of my time with T.C.S.C. achievements and at times struggles but at all times I had tremendous support all round. During the course of my career I have been enriched, meeting the people who have availed of the services, I have shared their tears, sorrows and many funny moments with them”.

“Thanks to all the Individual, Voluntary, Statutory and Funding Sectors with whom I have linked and worked with throughout the years and who have contributed so much to the running of the Service. Many are represented here tonight and it would be impossible to acknowledge people individually. I owe a big debt of gratitude to the Board of T.C.S.C. for the trust they placed in me over the years”.

“Orlaith McDowell, our new social worker has taken over from me and I wish her every success and contentment in her new post. I know she will find the people of Templemore as kind and helpful to her and to the community services as they have been to me over the years. The need for the work of Templemore Community Service continues.  Fundraising ideas and volunteers are aIways welcome”.

“I have been truly blessed to have worked in Templemore and surrounding areas for so many years and I take wonderful memories with me. I have made many friends and I look forward very much to continuing these friendships in the years ahead”. 

Several other speakers including the Chairperson, Michael Crowley, paid a fulsome tribute to Sr Mary for her lifetime’s work including the various significant contributions she had made to the work of Templemore Community Services. Maura Sheehan also spoke of her late husband, Bill’s involvement as treasurer and founder member of the organisation. She spoke of the excellent working relationship Bill and Sr Mary enjoyed in the pioneering days at the start of the organisation.   

After the formalities the music started and a great night’s dancing was enjoyed by all. We salute Sr Mary for all that she had done and for the love and care which she had shown.   We are delighted that she has agreed to remain as a Director of the organisation for her lifetime of experience which will be invaluable to those who seek to continue the excellent work of the organisation founded in very humble beginnings. 

We hope Sr Mary’s salsa classes will provide her with much enjoyment as she makes the transition from  ANGEL OF MERCY  to ANGEL  OF REST.