Templemore Clonmore Killea Parish enjoy Easter ceremonies






Templemore  Clonmore  Killea Parish Trocaire Good Friday Walk and Stations

The Fourth Annual Trocaire Good Friday Walk/Stations of the Cross in the parish took place in Templemore Town Park

‘God created mankind to be one family; when any of our brothers and sisters suffer, we are all affected.’ - Pope Francis

The Fourth Annual Trocaire Good Friday Walk/Stations of the Cross in the parish took place in Templemore Town Park, surrounded by nature and beauty of a newly developed garden aptly shaped and landscaped similar to a cross. How appropriate it was on one of the special liturgical calendar days of the year that it was celebrated in such natural serenity! What a message to send out on Good Friday! – Fr. Dominic set the scene before the first station by reflecting on the suffering and pain of the day to day lives of our faith family in Sierra Leone. Then volunteers from the three churches in our parish led the Stations of The Cross where a group of 80 men, women and children walked on their journey of faith, filled with prayer and devotion, around the lake stopping at vantage points throughout the park. Fr. Conor concluded the walk and stations by reminding us of the goodness of nature, humanity and the importance of taking time out of our busy lives to reflect on our faith.

The Parish Pastoral Council would like to thank everybody for making the morning so special and it makes our role all the worthwhile. It was so heartening again this year to realise that the church is very much alive in Templemore, Clonmore and Killea Parish.

Dawn Mass
The Dawn Mass on a freezing cold Easter Sunday morning in Templemore Town Park was extremely well attended again this year. The occasion is a very spiritual opportunity to celebrate the Easter Sunday Dawn Mass beside the Lake while watching the dawn break over the countryside. It is barely credible each year that we are accompanied by the arrival of the swans and ducks that glide along in the background of the Lake to keep us company, with the bird chorus coming from the nearby woods. This Mass brought to a close the many church services held over Holy Week when the three communities of Templemore/Clonmore/Killea came together to celebrate and share in a solemn fashion the most sacred time of the church year. All of the gatherings over Holy Week were very well attended and it must be said that we are blessed with having a wonderful Folk Group and a magnificent Choir to enhance our Masses.