Templemore Lions Club reflecting on the successes of the past year






Templemore Lions Club reflecting on the successes of the past year

Lions Club members Tom Kenny, Declan Glynn (President), Kathleen Collier, Aoife Grey and Kevin Ludlow accompanied by harpist Siobhan Bailey and Fairy Ash

The club has come to yet another end of term for 2017/2018 and as in other years we have been heavily involved in projects through the assistance and kind generosity of the community at large.
We would like to invite you to see what we have been doing with your kind and generous donations.

Centenary Celebrations: October, 2017, saw the Templemore Lions Club celebrating being part of Lions Club International which are 100 years in existence with as much as 1.4 million members within 200 countries worldwide. We celebrated with the sponsoring of 2 Benches which have been erected in the newly planted Memorial Garden within the Templemore Town Park, honouring past members of the Templemore Lions Club.
During the month of November, 2017 and as part of the “Youth Engagement” project, the Templemore Lions Club came up with the incentive of collecting used Golf Clubs which in turn would be scaled down to size and given to local young people who have demonstrated an interest in taking up Golf. This Project is aimed more towards young people who are not in a position to purchase Golf Clubs on their own. The Project is up and running with already 40 or more Golf Clubs having been donated and which have been used already by our young people.

Christmas Food Appeal: As like every year, during December, 2017, we hold our Christmas Food Appeal with bucket collections. The proceeds of same goes towards Food Vouchers that are distributed to those within our community who are experiencing financial difficulties. This is carried out in conjunction with St. Vincent De Paul.

Melvyn Jones Award: On 5th February, 2018, Mr. Noel Coonan and Ms. Joanne Slevin (McHugh) attended our night. They were representing our past esteemed members, Mrs. Pauline Coonan and Mr. Joe McHugh. A Melvin Jones Plaque was presented to each for the commitment and drive given to the Lions Club both nationally and internationally. There also was a donation given of €800.00 towards the Charity of the families’ choice.
On Thursday, 22nd February, 2018, the Templemore Lions Club held a “Night of Feel Good / Look Good”. The proceeds went to local Charities and request for Donations from various organisations within our community. It was held in the Templemore Arms Hotel and proved to be a fantastic success. There were also local Exhibitors on the night who advertised their Arts and Crafts.

Fairy Trail Town Park Event: On Saturday, 19th May, 2018 and 20th May, 2018, our members assisted Mrs. Ashling Hassett with her Fairy Ash Trail event. This was held in conjunction with the County Fleadh Ceoil Eireann event which was running in Templemore at the time. It was most enjoyable with the beautiful and talented musicians playing many varied musical instruments around the Fairy Trail route. Hundreds of people of all ages sampled the delights of the Templemore Town Park around the designated route.
It was a most magical experience and not only did the children enjoy it but adults too!!

Presentation to Primary Schools: During early June, 2018, part of the Centenary celebrations was a visit to Fifth and Sixth Classes of the local Primary Schools and to give a Presentation on what the Lions Club is all about and has achieved to date, both nationally and internationally. Our President, Mr. Declan Glynn and three of our members visited each of the Schools and gave Presentation. The response was very positive and we were most impressed with their knowledge of the Lions Club. We may have a few new members in years to come!! A donation of €100.00 was awarded to each of the Primary Schools for a Charity of their choice.

Senior Citizens Social Night Out: A night is being arranged in Bru Boru, Cashel during the summer months for our Senior Citizens. This event proved most popular when we did the same a few years ago with our Senior members.
Declan Glynn takes on a second year as President of the club. He would like to thank most sincerely all those who donated and engaged with the Lions Club during the past year.