Huge anger in Templemore as town park is used as council store

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Templemore Town Park

Some of the items discarded at Templemore Town Park.

"This is an official nature reserve and yet here we have the local authority causing a very unsightly mess at the entrance to the park."

Tipperary County Council has come under fire from a number of residents in Templemore for their continued use of a cleared site in the Town Park as a storage/dumping ground for construction waste, building material, top soil, wood cuttings and mill waste.

The site at the entrance to the Town Park off the Dunkerrin Road is certainly unsightly with mounds of materials piled high on both sides of the forest roadway. And, the materials stored there range from building rubble to street sweepings, to cut trees, woodchip, waste tarmacadam, top soil, mill waste and stone. While none of the material appears to be actual refuse, locals fear that it may become a location for dumping of other materials and have suggested that private operators are also using the site to dispose of materials.

“This is going on at this location for many years. The council use it to dump this material and then every so often they come along and clear away some, before returning with more. This is an official nature reserve and yet here we have the local authority causing a very unsightly mess at the entrance to the park. There were magnificent oak trees removed from this location more than ten years ago to create this space and they were not replaced - I can see the area getting bigger every year as material continues to be shoved further back into the park. There are a number of drains very close by and I'm sure it is not right to have oil based tarmacadam, perhaps seeping into those drains. I cannot understand why this is going on,” one irate local resident told The Tipperary Star.

More images of the items left at Templemore Town Park

Templemore Town Park is the envy of every town in Tipperary with its extensive walkways, magnificent trees, lake and playground equipment. It is also the location of the GAA club, Lakeside Pitch and Putt, Templemore Athletics track, and there are plans for further expansion of the recreational amenities in the vicinity in the coming years as well.
The park is very well maintained by the local authority and by local groups, but this particular location is an eyesore and is causing much irritation to people.

The Tipperary Star understands that the council uses the spot for temporary storage of materials. These materials are then removed to other locations when volumes increase and the site is cleared.
“How temporary is temporary? This is going on here for the last fifteen years or more and the mounds are getting bigger and bigger. I don't think it is good enough that our local authority are doing this - they should find somewhere other than our town park to store their materials,” a caller to the Tipperary Star said.

On the day we visited, some of the material being relocated to the site, had come from Templemore graveyard where work was underway at upgrading kerbs. A digger had tipped in the material, mostly topsoil, on top of a heap of woodchip - both the woodchip and the top soil could be reused elsewhere had they not been mixed in together, thereby contaminating each .
“Templemore Town Park is a magnificent place and everyone living locally are very proud of it. However, we could do without this unsightly section and I call on the council to tidy up their act here because it gives a very bad impression,” our called said.