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Thurles man Johnny Mc is guest on the Peugeot stand in Rome

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A shot from the action in Rome

"The tennis in Rome was just superb but those Italians need to think more about the fans" - Johnny Mc

Here I was walking along in the tennis complex minding my own business, earlier having seen Schwartzman ( the guy I mentioned in an earlier blog …….. the diminutive GIANT) , wipe a recent world no 4 ….. Nishikori…… in a flawless performance that at times took my breath away …… He’s good and just about as fast as Bolt
Anyway, I'm  ambling along and next thing,  passing the Peugeot launch stand for the new 508  - it’s completely stunning by the way - and I hear this ” STING ” .Dio mio. il mio eroe di tutti i tempi ……. had no idea what the hell was happening. I said “si ” - please STING ……… photo with me …… here it is. She got me ” STING ” an invite to the launch of the new all electric Peugeot …….. wine, caviar , champers. Then …….. they asked me to sing
After that , it was business as usual , saw Konta …… the new British hope ( after Brexit ). Then, met  the owner of Tennis World Italy - he wants to publish my bliss ” I think ” ……. so I said to him,  we can meet tomorrow Signoir.
The tennis today was just riveting and as I wrote Djokovic is a set down , Nadal breezed through, and my all time great The Fed ………. injury put paid to his Italian for this year ………. Tsitipas…… really I think the new Fed plays Nadal tomorrow……….. he’ll do well to take out the king of Clay
Now tomorrow is my last day in the Eternal City - I’ll be visiting the Vatican , two rackets in hand in case he makes an excuse and some Paschal water from Thurles , I’ve heard he’s quite a player although current duties make him struggle with tone for a three setter !!!!!!


Today was another great day at the tennis.

Nadal was first up and I was a guest on the Peugeot stand ……. more wine and food etc.

I’d say they still think I’m STING ……. my friend Elena I’d say told them, so I got royal treatment…….. and a proper look at the really impressive 508. Then, got a terrific men’s doubles semi …… again on the iconic Petroangeli STadium …… with a real sense of history…….. …. a big win for Klassen and Venus …… high quality stuff.

Johnny Mc pictured at the Peugeot 508 launch

After this , on my way back to base camp . ……. decided to pop in to the Vatican …… just to see who’s home. Rang the doorbell and a very nice guy answers. Turns out he’s the secretary of the secretary of the Popes secretary
M: Il papa ????
The SEC of the SEC of the SEC: …… SI
ME: Grande. a che ora
The SEC of the sec of the sec: 2.45 ????
ME: Bello.
The sec of the sec of the sec: To insiriro
ME: Grazie
The sec of the sec of the sec: Ci vediamo il 23 gennaio 2021
It just shows he’s a busy guy. I told her I’d have to confirm so , I’m busy too.
Anyway, leaving Rome early tomorrow on a 1085 km trek on leg three to lovely Lyon for the start of that tournament. A few big names there and more on this when I get there.

The tennis in Rome was just superb but those Italians need to think more about the fans, not really fan user friendly at all. Far too stiff and with half empty stadia at times.
One more thing - had the most spectacular lunch at Magnolia Restaurant at the stadium. For €20 you could eat all you want from about 20 dishes, and then do the same with sumptuous deserts if you’re into that stuff. It was pure class.

Rome will be etched in my memory, and I will be back …….. it’s a special place ……. well worth the visit. The Italians have style, in spades.

More Tomorrow.

All for now