Call for photos of Archbishop Leahy statue in Thurles Cathedral

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Archbishop Leahy

The Archbishop Leahy statue in the Cathedral of the Assumption before it was vandalised

If you have any photos of the statute they would be greatly appreciated 

As the process begins of restoring the statue of Archbishop Patrick Leahy in the yard of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Thurles,  a  request has been put out for any photographs you may have of the statue, which could help with the redesign.

The head of the statue was removed in the dark of the night some time ago, and never recovered. And, there is a real determination to ensure that Archbishop Leahy, who presided over the building of the magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption, is restored to his original state through the memorial tribute.

So, for example – you may have your First Communion, Confirmation or wedding picture taken in front of the statue and this could be very helpful to the parish. It would be greatly appreciated if these photographs could be presented to the Parish Centre, opposite the Cathedral of the Assumption, for scanning.