Thurles girl Lauren in the new head dancer at DAPA

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Lauren Ryan

Lauren Ryan

She is a second year student in the Presentation Secondary School 

Fourteen year old Thurles girl Lauren Ryan has been appointed Head Girl of the prestigious Dancer's Academy of Performing Arts - DAPA.

Located on O' Donovan Rossa Street, Thurles, Lauren has been a senior student of the school for some time, and has had an interest in dance and in the Performing Arts for many years.

Daughter of Marie Ryan (nee Lanigan) from Kennedy Park, Lauren is a second year student in the Presentation Secondary School and has been danicng she was four.

“When I was seven my mam enrolled me into a Ballet class run by Katy Wallace in Clonmel. I went to Clonmel every week for classes. About a year later we started Lyrical and Contemporary Dance Classes with Katy, which I loved.

“My favourite style of dance is probably Lyrical or Jazz. I didn’t like Jazz originally and refused to take part in the groups, but have grown to love it. I find that I can express myself better in these styles as they are not restrictive and I can incorporate some of my own moves,”Lauren says.

But, would she like to pursue dancing as a career and what are her ambitions?

“Dance has been my love for so long that it is hard to imagine myself not doing it in the future. I’ve also thought about acting for stage and screen. Maybe the West-End or Broadway!! Its very hard to think about where I could be in 10 years.
Being selected as Head Girl for DAPA was a huge honour for Lauren, but how did it come about?

“I was shocked to be picked as Head Girl for DAPA. I was sitting at home when my Mam rang me, and she said “Hey Head Girl”. I then went on Instagram and saw the post that Katy had put up. I was very excited.

“I can’t wait for us all to get back into our dance studio and get to dance in actual dance competitions. At the moment, all of our classes are on-line. Its not the same as dancing with the girls. I miss them all. We have a great time and Katy is an amazing teacher

“Something I would say to anybody, boys or girls, who want to take up dance is to go for it. It can be hard and you will need to push yourself to be the best you can be. You can be amazing.

“After 10 years of dancing, I’ve learned that you have to work hard to get what you want. There will be challenges and unexpected twists but if you are true to yourself you will succeed. I love Dancing with DAPA, with Katy and all of the girls and I hope to keep dancing for a long time”, Lauren concluded.