Happy birthday! Annacarty's Alice McGrath celebrates 105th birthday this April

A huge milestone!

Martin Quinn


Martin Quinn



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Congratulations and very best wishes to Alice McGrath, Annacarty, who is celebrating her 105th birthday on Thursday, April 1.

Born Alice (Taylor) on April 1, 1916, at a period when the world was at war and in the same month as the Easter Rising, she has witnessed great changes and has lived through wars, pandemics and global turmoil.

Wife of the late Matt McGrath of Shanaknock, Annacarty, Alice resides with her daughter Mary and son-in-law Paul, who provide her with really exceptional care, love and attention.

It is a tribute to them that Alice has been able to remain at home where all of her needs are so well looked after.

Due to restrictions her relatives and friends won’t be able to visit her for her birthday, so her family send their love and very best wishes to Alice for a wonderful day on her 105th birthday.

Happy birthday Alice!