Warning to Tipperary motorists with icy conditions on roads

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Dry and bright in Co. Kildare with frost tonight

Very cold frosty conditions have made roads in Tipperary very tricky today

Slow down and take your time

Motorists travelling the roads of Tipperary are being warned to slow down and take your time as icy conditions prevail throughout the Premier County.

A sea of white greets those who are stepping out today and with overnight temperatures having dipped to below -4 degrees, road conditions are treacherous especially on local roads which have not been gritted by the local authority.

There are spots of black ice all over the county and so the advice is to proceed with real caution and only make absolutely necessary journeys - that is supposed to be the way in any event in keeping with the Covid19 restrictions.

Debris has been cleared from motorway junction 9 southbound near Cashel and the road is now fully cleared once again following an incident.

Also pedestrians should exercise caution walking on footpaths or crossing streets/roads as underfoot conditions can be tricky in spots.