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Comedian, writer, film star, television star and ex professional cyclist, David O’Doherty, is back.

As with many comedians, appearances can be deceptive, and in O’Doherty’s case the shabby look, bumbling delivery and cheap kids’ Casio keyboard mask a razor-sharp wit and a deliciously dark outlook on life. Channel 4’s 8 Out of Ten Cats has never been better since he became a regular panelist.

O’Doherty is so witty, charming and self-deprecating his grouchiness actually enhances his comedy shows. The rambling stories are interspersed with typically quirky songs about mortality, procrastination and looking for love. David certainly has a brilliant mind. Often what appears to be whimsical, throwaway nonsense conceals nicely judged moments of satire. Whether talking about the recession, single-sex schools, Gerry Adams or Saint Patrick, O’Doherty is as insightful as he is silly. He’s original too. No suit; no tie; no gags even. ‘I’ve only ever written three jokes,’ he claims. Nevertheless, David manages to sustain solid laughs at all his gigs and ultimately admits to having enjoyed himself – even if he does qualify it by often grumbling, ‘I had lowered my expectations at the start.’ Early booking advised for this national treasure, it!