By Eamonn Wynneewynne@nationalist.ie@TheNationalist

Their online comedy videos have clocked up more than 200 million views worldwide and their celebrity fans include the Kardashians, James Corden, The Jonas Brothers, Shay Given and Jamie Heaslip.

Now the incredible journey undertaken by The Fupin Eejits - Clonmel men Senan Byrne and Eddie Whelan and Stevie Cahill from Kilkenny - is about to be laid bare in a documentary film titled Gone Viral, which will premiere at next month's Galway Film Fleadh.

A win in its category would see the film long-listed for an Oscar.

The documentary was filmed at The Halfway House pub in Rathronan by another Clonmel man, producer/director Charlo Johnson.

The Fupin Eejits' short videos, mostly shot from their phones in Tipperary, have earned them the status as Ireland’s most popular stars on the video-sharing internet platform Vine, which is owned by Twitter. The BBC has referred to vines as "mesmerising six-second slices of ordinary life".

Despite their meteoric rise the trio aren't earning money from their success and continue to work together as nurses in Kilkenny.

"We're not in it for the money", explains Senan Byrne. "We're doing it for enjoyment. It's a form of expression and a way of getting our jokes out to the public. We've been approached by a few production companies and people are looking at us to audition for various projects but we haven't agreed to anything yet".

Son of Carmel and Denis Byrne, Senan Byrne started putting videos on Vine 18 months ago, initially sharing them among friends, before sharing them as longer videos on other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

"They got picked up by Charlo Johnson and things have got better since then", says Senan.

"It's all done from the comfort of your own mobile phone, using a front-facing camera with spur-of-the moment ideas. Originality is the key on Vine, you need to keep it original and creative".

Vine/Twitter invited them to their London offices a few months ago and before that Senan headlined the Vine app with a spotlight feature. The app features a gifted 'creator' in Vine's spotlight section and Senan was the first creator outside of the United States to be featured in the high-profile spot.

This meant that his content was shown to up to 40 million registered users around the world.

Eddie Whelan is son of Rose and Larry Whelan and is a longtime friend of award-winning film maker Charlo Johnson, the two having played together for Moyle Rovers when they won the Munster Club Junior Hurling Championship in 2007 and reached the All-Ireland Club Final in Croke Park the following year.

Charlo says that the Gone Viral film sums up The Fupin Eejits' story nicely. Filmed when The Halfway Pub, owned by Tony Phelan, was closed, the film consists of a series of interviews with The Fupin Eejits, their colleagues and friends to give an account of their journey so far.

"What comes across from the interviews is how likeable and down to earth they are", says Charlo. "They have no airs or graces about them. It's incredible to think that these lads can wake up and see something like 80,000 notifications on their phones from something they posted the previous night, and they then have to get up and do a 12-hour shift and get on with their lives!

It's also incredible what they're doing for Irish tourism, as millions of people around the world are getting to see lovely, scenic areas of Clonmel, Tipperary and Kilkenny. While their future is very bright they would be probably recognised more walking down the streets of New York than they would in Cahir, Bansha or Irishtown in Clonmel".

He says that the film of their story will bring life to any room and "no matter what your sense of humour you just cannot help laughing at some of its content".

Charlo's film Positive Discrimination, which enjoyed a successful international festival run last year, won Best Foreign Short Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and also received the Special Mention Award at the Miami Independent Film Festival in 2015.

Its lead actor Liam Burke was nominated for Best Actor at both the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Limerick Film Festival. Charlo also picked up nominations at the Kinsale Shark Awards for Best New Irish Director and Best Writing.

Gone Viral will premiere at the 28th Galway Film Fleadh, which runs from July 5-10. As an independent film maker Charlo says that Galway is the biggest film festival in the country and is "the number one place to be".