Magnificent Photographic exhibition at Cabragh Wetlands

Photos of Wildlife - Slideshow

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Just one of the magnificent images to be featured in the exhibition.

Free admission to view Eamonn Brennan's fine photographic work at Cabragh Wetlands on Tuesday next January 24th. 

“Oh wind when Winter comes can Spring be far behind.” Though the Winter has been fairly kind to us we still look forward to the longer days and the sunshine. This beautiful picture of bluebells in a beechwood in Spring was taken by Eamon Brennan. It is nice to be reminded of sunshine and warmth in these short days and Eamon will do just that on Tuesday next 24th January in Cabragh Wetlands Centre, Thurles, at 8pm. He will share some of his fantastic images of nature with us. Eamon has contributed greatly to the centre with his generous sharing of the photographs that were taken at Cabragh and further afield. His photos are used every year for the much sought-after Cabragh Wetlands yearly calendar. Kevin Collins will give a commentary on the species that Eamon has photographed. The show will be hosted by the Tipperary Branch of Birdwatch Ireland. For a pleasant reminder of brighter days ahead please come to Cabragh Wetlands Centre on Tuesday 24th January at 8pm. You won’t be disappointed. Admission is free. We will have a raffle for a special prize on the night. You don’t need to be a wildlife or photography expert to appreciate Eamon’s work. All are welcome.