You can learn to jive in just four weeks

Jump on the dance bus!

You can learn to jive in just four weeks

Arrive and Jive is coming to the Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown, starting March 6.

Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan, Mike Denver and many more of the country and western singers are riding high while jiving has taken Ireland by storm.

Stetsons and Stillettos on RTE following jivers around Ireland was a huge success.

TomJive says - “Now is your chance to learn. If you have two left feet, I'll make one of them right!

“The 4 week jive only style format I teach has been very successful for many reasons.

“The progressive nature of the class means an absolute beginner in week 1 turns into a very competent dancer by week 4.

“Visit my website and watch the video of my Bantry class on week 4 showing off great jive moves, with the majority of my students never having danced before.

“Another reason people enjoy my course is, I teach the ladies steps and also show the men exactly how to turn their partners.

“Experienced dancers come to improve their timing and learn the nice moves.

“Also, I am very lucky, in that I seem to attract equal numbers of men and women.

“So if you're interested in learning to Irish Jive properly, make sure you jump on this bus, it may not stop in Mitchelstown for a while again.....087 399 5877 for more details.”