Famed German ensemble for Clonmel concert

Bringing classical music across the world

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne will play in Clonmel

Don't miss the rare opportunity to experience one of Germany's finest ensembles when Chamber Philharmonia Cologne perform on Tuesday, 8th August at 8 pm in Old St. Mary’s Church in Clonmel.

This will be a diverse programme ranging from Antonio Vivaldi and his tremendously famous "Four Seasons" to Handel, Peter Tchaikovsky and Niccolo Paganini

Bookings: The Book Market, Market Place, Clonmel, Tel. 052 / 6129236

Adults: € 20; Seniors / Pensioners: € 17; Students / Children: € 12.

“Classical music the world over” – this is the motto of the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne.

It is irrelevant for the musicians whether they are playing in a little village church, in the open air, in Cologne Cathedral or in the Sydney Opera House – their enthusiasm to play music is the same every time.

The objective is simple – they want to inspire as many people as possible across all generations to enjoy classical music.

The popularity of their ensemble is reflected in the fact that the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne gives around 300 concerts a year around the globe and listeners throughout the world look forward to a musical encounter with the exceptionally talented group of musicians.