Crime and Beef Price hot topics for IFA meeting

Meeting in Cahir

Crime and Beef Price hot topics for IFA meeting

An IFA meeting next week will focus on rural security and beef price issues.

The South Tipperary IFA County Executive takes place on Thursday, November 23, in The Cahir House Hotel.

Angus Woods, IFA National Livestock Chairman will give the meeting an update on the reasons justifying a rise in beef prices, with the Christmas market demand is in full swing and factories trying to buy cattle out of sheds.

Angus has said farmers should be demanding a minimum base price of €4/kg, based on the higher UK and EU market returns, on which he will update the meeting. IFA has been clear that winter finishers need an immediate price increase up to €4/kg and cattle prices need to continue to rise into Christmas.

South Tipperary IFA Chairman Simon Ryan said the meeting will allow farmers to get expert security advice from Garda Sgt Tom O’Dwyer, Rural Crime Prevention Officer.

In collaboration with An Garda Siochana, IFA has developed Crime Prevention Tips and Advice to help and encourage rural and farm families to be extra vigilant and to take steps to ensure they do not become a victim of crime.

“Marking property, putting up signs on gates, considering monitored alarm systems, lighting, CCTV, area protection systems, and voice alerts will go a long way to sending a clear message to would-be intruders that these premises are secure,” Simon Ryan said.

The meeting at the Cahir House Hotel on November 23 starts at 8.30pm – all farmers are welcome to attend.