Cashel plans for St Patrick's Day announced

Cashel plans for St Patrick's Day announced

Cashel St. Patrick’s Parade will be held on Saturday,  March 17, and 'Activate' is this year’s theme!

It will be at the usual time and over the usual route, according to parade chairman Sean Laffey. 

He explained that 'Activate Cashel' is the theme this year, a play on the words Active–Eight, a sideways reference to 2018. 

“As the St. Patrick’s Parade is traditionally the start of the tourist season in Cashel, Activate is a great and timely theme.”

The Parade is the town’s biggest free showcase for community, cultural and sporting groups, it’s an ideal event for organisations to show just how active they are in the town.  

Sean added that fund raising is going ahead over the next six weeks with in-store and church gate collections planned and he thanked people in advance for their generosity. 

“The team behind the parade are all volunteers and almost every cent collected is spent locally, the only money that leaves the area goes to insure the parade, all the rest comes back to support the town.”