Thurles Drama Group gearing up for Sive

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Liam Ryan - the Director of Charley's Aunt for Thurles Drama Group.

Liam Ryan - the Director of Sive for Thurles Drama Group.

Some new faces taking to the stage for the first time.

With the opening night now less than two weeks away, November 19 will see Thurles Drama Group present John B Keane’s classic play, Sive. It will run for six nights in The Source, until November 24.
As always, the group encourages new members to take part and it is always great to see young people get involved in live theatre. In this production, there are five new faces in the cast and the group is fortunate to have such talent available for this powerful play. Placed side by side with many of the group's leading actors, the result will be an outstanding presentation.
The cast for Sive is: Nanna Glavin – Mary Condron, Mena Glavin – Joanne Woodlock, Mike Glavin – Pat Loughnane, Sive – Lorna Healy, Thomasheen Sean Rua – Johnny Fogarty, Liam Scuab – Daniel Kirby, Sean Dota – Ger Corbett, Pats Bocock – Johnny Quinlan and Carthalane – Kyle English. In this excellent cast, Joanne Woodlock, Daniel Kirby, Ger Corbett, Johnny Quinlan and Kyle English are with the group for a first full production. Liam Ryan is directing and his experience is a huge factor in helping the new members to fully engage with their roles and ensure quality performances. Rehearsals are in full swing and the cast are really enjoying the process. All the cast are also keenly aware of the deep mystical nature that lies at the heart of this great play. Sive is not a subtle psychological drama. It is the voice of a pre-Christian world where words are magical weapons used in a very direct and derogatory manner at times.
Writing 20 years later about what was on his mind in 1959, Keane remarked that, “having been weaned on a fairly consistent diet of myths and legends, it was inevitable that I should endeavour to dramatically document the affairs and aspirations of the outlandish denizens peculiar to the remote countryside of my father’s people. The Celtic or pagan part of my own make-up has always been drawn more to the contrary and the macabre”. Many of the characters in the play bring these elements to life and the audience must decide for themselves where right and wrong exist in this world.
At the heart of the drama is a clash between the older, more traditional extended family and the new, modern nuclear family that Mena desires. However, what gives the play its raw power is that this sociological drama explores Keane’s “pagan” worldview, in which the forces of darkness and of light, the devils and the angels, are at war.
A challenging play then for this very talented cast led by Liam Ryan and his production crew. As in every Thurles Drama production, the play is the thing and no stone is left unturned to find every nuance and shade that the author intended to be seen.
Opening night is a benefit night the development of a Biodiversity Community Play Garden in the village of Twomileborris. Tickets are available from any group member or John McCormack and members of the Two-Mile-Borris Community group. There will be more on this next week.