Online exhibition is something to look forward to at south Tipperary Arts Centre

Centre's 2021 programme has something for everyone

Online exhibition is something to look forward to at south Tipperary Arts Centre

An image from Dara McGrath’s Project Cleansweep exhibition, which the South Tipperary Arts Centre is launching online next Tuesday, April 6

2021 didn’t start off as many would have hoped, but if the last year has taught us anything it is that we are much more resilient and adaptable than we think.

This has been particularly visible in the arts, where everyone from artists to museums, festivals and arts centres have managed to quickly adapt to the challenges faced. In doing so they have found new ways to bring exciting, inspiring, thought-provoking and educational arts events of the highest quality directly to people in their homes.

South Tipperary Arts Centre (STAC) has been busy behind the scenes over the past few months adapting, developing, and planning the delivery of their 2021 programme. 

The centre has also continued to engage audiences with online activities such as their Connect, Create, Inspire programme of online classes and workshops, specifically targeting themes of creativity and wellness, supported by Healthy Ireland Tipperary.

STAC’s 2021 programme is finally about to launch and will kick off next week, with Dara McGrath’s Project Cleansweep, which runs from April 6 to May 1.

This exhibition, which will be delivered online due to Covid-19 restrictions, has a relevance and impact far beyond the specific sites that it deals with, asking audiences to look again at these types of sites and think about the legacy that human activities can have on the land.

It’s a topic that has been brought once again to the fore of our consciousness in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic; a virus whose spread to humans is attributed to continued human encroachment on the natural world. 

An exciting exhibition and accompanying one-day online symposium by the all-female collective Na Cailleacha will be one of the flagship events of the 2021 programme. 

Taking place during Bealtaine, from May 7 –  June 12, this project will bring a wide range of practices by some of Ireland's best-known female artists, musicians and writers.

It promises an innovative and fresh approach to very important issues surrounding ageing and visibility, creativity, feminism, and collective collaboration. 

The symposium, The Age of Reason and Unreason, will take place on May 29 and will be live streamed from STAC (speakers and booking details to be announced).

July will see STAC partner once again with Clonmel Junction Arts Festival for the 20th anniversary of the festival on a visual arts project entitled Reflections. 

This will be an open call project, where artists are asked to respond to the 2021 theme of Identity (What's in a Name?) and consider “If the arts hold a mirror up to society, who are we in 2021?”

Another project that will see artists directly respond and create new work related to the area of Clonmel and the region of Tipperary, is the much-anticipated 2021 residency project, Shul.

The artists, Christine Mackey and Martina O’Brien, have already begun their residency, albeit remotely, and the project will culminate with an exhibition in September.

Ends of the Earth, an exhibition by Shelagh Honan, will take place in late October and will see the artist develop and bring together a new and exciting body of work that touches on issues of gender, identity, climate and surveillance.

The 2021 programme this year has something for everyone, with a variety of arts events for audiences to look forward to, to reconnect with culture and reignite their curiosity.

STAC is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Tipperary County Council. 

Dates are subject to change due to Covid restrictions.

Please see or follow the centre’s social media channels for updates.

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