Congratulations to Skeheenarinky School on winning first prize in the Ballyporeen St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Their horse-burger theme proved popular with the judges and the school won a generous cash prize and a handsome plaque for displaying in the school. The Parents’ Association would like to thank all the pupils and parents who rallied to the call to get involved in the preparation and for participating on the day. Thanks again to Kay Caplice for being there with her camera to capture some terrific moments. We also congratulate the Ballyporeen committee for organising another great parade!


The title of Patrick O’Brien’s upcoming book is ‘In Times Gone By - Examining Ballyporeen’s Past’. Phone or text 0857141782 or email and reserve your copy of this book! Further details on


There will be an Easter flower-arranging demonstration in Burncourt Community Hall on Friday, March 22, at 7.30pm. Rose Hickey of Conna Flower Club will provide some inspiration for Easter through her beautiful arrangements. Admission E5. All are welcome.


There was a suggestion in these notes on February 7 regarding a community clean-up. Seanie Crotty has informed me that the Paddy O’Mahony Skeheenarinky Fianna Fáil Cumann has now applied to South Tipp County Council for a clean-up kit which is promised very soon. Volunteers to help in the clean-up should contact Seanie on 086-3984970.


The number of houses registered with the Text Alert service is now over 100. The more houses registered, the easier it is to communicate quickly with a large segment of the community. The service has been up and running for a week, and in the first days of the service, people have already made use of the service to notify the community about a worrying event and a suspicious vehicle. Since the beginning of the Text Alert service, many residents have reported that they are now more alert about activity in their areas. We have learned that in some communities, Text Alert services have received hoax reports of suspicious activity. In order to reduce the chance of hoax calls occurring here, please note that calls from blocked phones will not be accepted. The committee appreciates the messages of thanks and ‘job-well-done’ which were received from residents in the area. We’re glad you appreciate the effort.


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