The community of Marlfield village extends its sympathy to the family of Phillip (Philly) Corrigan, late of Mountain View, Marlfield who died recently.

New arrivals on lake

There are eight lovely cygnets at the top end of Marlfield Lake with the prospect of more, if the second pair of breeding swans is also successful. This is the first time that two pairs have bred on Marlfield Lake in recent memory and if all goes well the lake will be a busy place for the rest of the year. There are many visitors to Marlfield Lake enjoying nature’s free show of the water fowl, as they go about the serious business of rearing their families. The children have their favourites, who have become accustomed to the never-ending supply of bread thrown to the birds. Please feed them only on the water as dry bread, particularly full slices, can injure the birds. Do not feed them on the banks or roadways as this encourages vermin and the birds can easily be struck and killed by passing cars. Come to the lake, enjoy and leave nothing after you as all the maintenance and cleaning is a voluntary effort by the villagers.

Road and pavement works

Marlfield Village centre is due a facelift, as the footpaths are marked for repair and replacement in the coming days. This will cause some disruption but the task is well worth the mess to level and remove problem areas. A new section will be laid across the estate entrance to tie into the footpath to the roundabout and farm. This will make for a very safe and pleasant level walk through a beautiful landscape, with a seat provided for the weary at the roundabout. It is hoped to get another seat erected facing the mountains later this year and the mini park at the roundabout will be a little gem.