The South Tipperary County Development Plan is soon to be revised. These county development plans are excellent documents and are published every five years. They detail environmental protections regarding waterways, protected structures, protected views, planning regulations, etc. A review can remove as well as insert important by-laws regarding particular areas! Now is the time to make yourself aware of the content of the present plan and is an opportunity for you to make your opinions and views considered. You are encouraged to visit the South Tipperary County Council offices or website where you will find essential information regarding viewing the various ‘papers’ associated with the present plan and the intended new plan. Doing a Google search for ‘South Tipperary County Development Plan 2014’ will bring you to the page with details of the two remaining public meetings and details of how, when and where, to make submissions to be considered in the draft plan. Just a few weeks left.


The new markings on the School Road are now in place and will make a huge contribution to road safety for all pupils attending Skeheenarinky National School and their parents. The school reopens on Monday next and there is no doubt that the speed of the traffic approaching the school gate from both directions will be reduced to levels well below the present legal limit.


1st and 2nd shared by two tables: Mary Casey and Diarmuid Casey; Margaret Crotty and Sean Crotty. 3rd shared by three tables: Burdie Walsh and Marie Roche; Ned Condon and Mick Walsh; Teresa Brown and Anthony Hanrahan. Lucky Tables: Mary Connolly and Kitty Butler; Pascal Noonan and Partner. Tickets: Ned Condon, Teresa Brown, Jim Mallow, Ann Butler.


Ballyporeen and Skeheenarinky Cardiac First Responder Group will hold training and refresher courses in the near future. Anyone interested should contact Sean Crotty on 0863984970 or Jim O’Brien on 0872490089. Through the H.S.E., there will soon be a call-out service in both areas.


The batteries and pads will be renewed in the AED at O’Gorman’s Shop in the coming weeks. Other communities are having to fundraise and pay for such replacements but funds are to hand to cover Skeheenarinky. Our thanks to Jim O’Brien who keeps an eye on the Skeheenarinky AED and who carries out maintenance.


Next meeting of Community Alert will be held at the school on Monday, April 15, at 8pm.


Email notes to or phone/text 0863840894 by 11.30am on Monday.