Marlfield Village.... latest news

Grass cutting commences.

Grass cutting commences.

In spite of the very unseasonal weather there is some growth of grass and the lawnmowers are back in action for another year. The side of the road through the village got the first trim of the year and are looking a lot better with the clean and tidy look. Every week from now on we will be hearing the busy sound of machines maintaining our village. However all this costs money and if you want to help please pay for a gallon of fuel at the Clonmel Service Station in Cherrymount and we will pick it up.

A new place to rest tired feet

During the week a lovely new feature was added to the Marlfield Village scenic walks. The St Tipp Co Council erected a lovely cast iron seat in the grassy area at the roundabout. The seat will be a welcome addition as it will allow this rapidly developing scenic walk to reach its potential. The views of the farm land and trees are easy on the eye and this will be a popular place to rest a while. This makes the additional walk onto the Lake circuit with its public lighting and footpaths with a large grass area a fun place for children.

The work continues

The burial grounds attached to St Patrick’s Chapel are in presentable condition at present after the great burst of work in the past few months. The on-going cleaning and raking continues as the volunteers gather windfalls, weeds, and regrowth to ensure the work to date is not in vain. If you have family members buried here or have a hour to spare we meet on Saturday mornings weather permitting.