No back door or fire exit in Cashel homes

At least four recently-built houses in one area of Cashel had no back door or fire exit. The living rooms of these houses were on the middle floor and if a fire broke out the occupants would have to jump from a 16 feet-high window or take their chance running down a timber stairs, it was claimed at the monthly meeting of the local Town Council.

Cllr. Martin Browne (Sinn Fein), who made the claim, requested that the Council would investigate houses built during the “boom years” to make sure that they complied with fire and safety regulations.

He said they had all seen the difficulties that had arisen with the Priory Hall apartments in Donaghmede in Dublin. He hoped there wouldn’t be tragedy in those Cashel houses.

Town Clerk Marie McGivern said she would follow up on Cllr. Browne’s concerns. She also said that the building control authority for South Tipperary, including Cashel Town Council, was the County Council.