St Patrick’s night, Saturday March 17, a massive fundraiser will be held for Cloneen Hall - a 70’s night with Adrian. Come along and have a fun night as well as supporting your local hall- Donations on door. You may realise it takes roughly about E20,000 for the upkeep of the hall for the year, taking into account insurance, licence, electricity and gas as well as many other overheads. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain due to the social climate. Do we want to hall to stay open? It is a vital asset to the community. The AGM will take place on Thursday, March 29, at 9pm sharp. We need more people on the committee. We need people with ideas to make money. A small caretaking committee is keeping the place afloat at present but like the Titanic it’s starting to sink. Once it sinks there is no way back so people a start would be the fundraiser. Please support. 086-0834208 for any info.


The Fionn Mac Cumhaill Players present ‘Philadelphia here I come’ from March 23 to 25, in Cloneen Hall. This wonderful play is a must see and has a big cast of 14 - 11 men and three women. Dont miss it.

Cast: (Gar Public) Trevor Somers - (Gar Private) Keith Mac Adhaibh (Madge Mulhern) Peggy O Brien (SB O Donnell) Eddie Duggan (Kate Doogan) Linda Mc Grath.. (Senator Doogan) Pat Williamson (Master Boyle) Colm McGrath - ( The Yank) Liam Lankstead (irish americans) Joe Hanly and Mary Hanrahan (the 3 boys) David Kirby - Darragh Corbett - Jamsie Carroll - ( The Canon ) Mick Hennessy


The premiere of Stella Days which was filmed in Fethard with Martin Sheen and Stephen Rae was on at the Dublin Film Festival last Thursday. Nice to see the local extras involved - Anne Williamson - Gerry Mullally - and John Hennessy - Brian Guiry - Bobbie Holohan well done and lovely to see you on the big screen. Hollywood here we come...