Mixed results in Tidy Towns

Mixed results in Tidy Towns

The village gained another point in the Tidy Towns Competition this year but lost marks on a few areas. Sandybanks did us no favours as it reflected badly in the marking and we are not surprised at this. In natural amenities we were ahead of the national winners Abbeyshrule and it was even-steven on another category, which gives great heart. The village committee are studying the results and will propose an action plan before the end of the year to address the poorly-performing areas. Marlfield and Grange each received 264 marks in Category A, with Rossadrehid the county winner at 288 marks. Marlfield was visited by the judges in early June when we had only begun the village works, as we were targeting the first week in August as our marker for the Entente Florale. We will be making a copy of the results available to all villagers and putting them in the village notice board.

Mayor’s Walk

Marlfield will have its own version of the Mayor’s Walk on Sunday, 28th October when Mayor Billy Shoer will be leading a sponsored walk from town to the village and back again in aid of the Mayor’s Fund. In the times that are in it this is a most worthy cause and we encourage everyone to support the fundraiser by filling a card and walking the walk. Get in a little gentle practice in the meantime, as the route is about five kilometres.

Biodiversity and Heritage Trail

The first signs of the Marlfield Village Trail have been erected and they look good. The signs have been placed in the areas referred to on the text and are positioned so they can be read while facing traffic for safety. Each of the 18 proposed signs will reflect a different element of Marlfield’s Heritage and Bio Diversity. There are 6 signs already erected and funding is sought for the 12 remaining to enable a full implementation of the proposed plan. More details are available from the village secretary Bernard Lennon on 086-2937220.