New residents

The community of Marlfield welcomes its new residents in Mountain View. Local villager Seanie McNamara and his wife Valerie have moved into no. 14 Mountain View. They are welcomed and wished many years of happiness and good fortune in the village.

Garden Competition

The Village secretary has received the sealed envelope with the results of the 2012 Garden Competition. The envelope will remain sealed until the night of the village dance in The Park Hotel when the best gardens in Marlfield will be known. All gardens were judged on their visual impact as seen from the public road or footpath. Thanks to everyone who made an effort in the garden competition, as it adds colour and structure to the village.

Bald spot on Bagwells Folly

There is a raw look to the mountain that overlooks Marlfield House in recent weeks. Coillte have been busy cutting trees for the timber industry, some of which will go to the factory in Redmondstown locally and held keep jobs at home. This is part of the cycle of timber harvesting and ensures that the woods are commercially viable. In the coming weeks new trees will be planted with a sprinkling of native deciduous specie and in due course the mountain will be greened again. Marlfield Village will be a lot quieter, as all the traffic had to be diverted our way for a few weeks and it was hectic while it lasted.