There’s nothing Vintage about the Skeheenarinky Vintage Club publicity machine. They are fully up to speed on social media and have a Facebook page where you can express your interest in the annual Vintage Tractor & Car Run in aid of the Irish Lung & Heart Transplant Association. You can even say if you are attending. This is not a requirement but it’s great fun and a great way to publicise the event. Don’t forget: Sunday, September 16, at Jacksons, Skeheenarinky.


While researching the unveiling of the Fr. Sheehy tomb in Shanrahan cemetery, this information of interest to Skeheenarinky and Kilbehenny readers came to light. On the day of the unveiling in 1898, more than 12 bands – mostly brass, but some fife and drum bands – took part. A contingent from Skeheenarinky was present complete with banner and brass band. (Is there any local information on Skeheenarinky Brass Band? It is said that Mrs. Buckley of Galty Castle provided the instruments for the band.) A contingent from Kilbehenny was also present complete with banner and brass band. That contingent/band included James Shiely, William Mullins, Patrick Staunton, John Power, Thomas Kiersey, W. McCarthy, J. Curry, James Shierly, James Moran, Timothy Torphy, Thomas O’Donnell, Maurice McGrath, John Torphy, P.Foley, James Russell, P.L.G. (Poor Law Guardians), Roger Hanrahan, John Lewis, John Casey and John Burke. The newspaper report said that the list was incomplete and names are given here as found in report. The Mitchelstown band was led by Edward Chamberlain.


It is good to hear that Betty Casey of Skeheenarinky is back at the nursing home in Kildorrerry where she is resting comfortably after a short stay in hospital.


Condolences are offered to the members of the Walsh family of Skeheenarinky and the Burke family of Croughatoor on the passing of Biddy Burke (nee Bluett) of Coolroe, Skeheenarinky. Biddy came from Cappoquin to Coolroe many years ago to help run the family home at her Uncle Dave’s farm. She was fortunate in recent years to have daily visits from relations and neighbours. Biddy was laid to rest in Kilbehenny cemetery with husband Stephen who predeceased her in 2007. She was also predeceased by her sister Mary Fitzgerald. May they all rest in peace.


Next meeting of Community Alert will be held at the school on Monday, August 20 at 8.30p.m.


Michael Lewis led a party of walkers on a guided history tour from Knocknagalty to Carrigeen mountain recently and everyone was full of his praise when they got back to Kings Yard. He was able assisted by Myles O’Malley who provided interesting information on the local flora and fauna. Eating baked potatoes from the open-fire and wonderful Galteemore Burgers from the ECO bus while listening to music is a great way to spend a couple of hours with friends out of doors on a summer evening. The event was part of the Kilbehenny Potato Festival.


Their many friends in Skeheenarinky send congratulations to Mattie and Mary O’Brien, Kilbehenny, on their 40th wedding anniversary. We wish them many more happy years together.