It was rather odd to have to listen recently, to a rather ill-informed radio and T.V. personality in Dublin denigrating rural Ireland and making extraordinary pronouncements about what Dublin should do with rural Ireland, when he apparently has no knowledge of the richness of our lives.

If one takes a population group in Dublin similar to the total population of the parishes of Clogheen and Burncourt, Ballyporeen and Skeheenarinky, and Kilbehenny and Anglesboro, could one possibly find such a diversity of cultural activity as there is here in the ‘sticks’? Clogheen has Draoicht going on at the moment and we have heard extraordinary reports of it. Burncourt recently had their celebratory weekend which featured their magnificent Comedy/Dinner evening that must have taken many long hours of hard work and preparation and was the stuff of legend in its presentation. We know there will be more in the pipeline. Skeheenarinky just had it’s amazing ‘Flower and Vegetable Show’ on Saturday, and recently had a very successful Vintage Run. It’s only a matter of weeks ago that saw ‘Hollywood in Ballyporeen’ in an extraordinary weekend that will live on in the memories of all who witnessed it. Just a few short months ago this parish shared in the excitement and glamour of the Ballyporeen Patricks Day parade. Every week is Football or Hurling week in the areas mentioned. The ICA are always active in rural, cultural matters. And now we are about to witness what we know will be a masterpiece of historical pageantry in Kilbehenny as part of next week’s Potato Festival. If the geographic scope of this short opinion was to be extended, a full page could not list the hundreds of events that enrich this part of rural Ireland. These would include food fairs, theatre with drama and musical productions of all kinds, medieval festivals, choirs, brass bands and pipe bands, music festivals, school productions, parades, etc., etc. Who would possibly want to live anywhere else?


Another extraordinary Flower Show has just taken place in Skeheenarinky. Once again the Goddess of Gardening was shining on the event, and apart from a tiny sprinkle in the last five minutes, the day held fine and the sun even shone for a while. The atmosphere was perfect and the experience of the previous two years was evident as the hard working committee and volunteers settled easily to their allotted tasks. From early morning when the five-hundred-plus entries were being delivered and placed in their appropriate marquees, right up to the busy afternoon when hundreds of visitors poured through the gates, all faces were smiling, children were having fun (especially in the scarecrow building competition) and serious rivals were seen applauding each other as the results were announced.

The colour and scent of the flowers from the dazzling bouquets and arrangements are what memories of summer days are made of. The vegetables were worthy of any television cookery programme, and the handicrafts in the small marquee were of an exceptionally high standard that drew fine comments from the judges. Results will be included here next week if they have not already appeared elsewhere. Suffice for now to say that Catherine Walsh won the overall trophy for the third year in a row! What an achievement! Well done Catherine and to all the category winners. Special congratulations to all the children who took part. We saw Tomás Vaughan accepting the ‘Sarah Kennedy Cup’ for tallest sunflower. It looked like something from Jack and the Beanstalk. Well done Tomás.

We should mention that the grounds as usual looked wonderful after the attention lavished on them by Tim Vaughan. The Chairman and Committee should be justifiably proud that their planning and preparation resulted in such a successful show.


A message from Parents’ Association: Mrs. Betty Devine retires after 35 years teaching in Skeheenarinky National School. On Friday, September 9, the Board of Management and Parents’ Association will celebrate her wonderful dedication to the children of Skeheenarinky. All of her students and parents - past as well as present - are invited to the school to wish Mrs Devine well. But in order to make sure there are enough buns and tea bags, anyone intending on coming please let the Parents Association know as soon as possible on 086 4031876 or by telling Sean, Helen or Susan.


As already mentioned the Potato Festival Pageant ‘Farewell to a Tyrant’ is on this coming Friday, August 19. It should be a wonderful evening. More information regarding the festival on the Kilbehenny website.


A ‘Sprayathon’, in which the potato crops were sprayed by hand with Bluestone, was held recently by the ‘Potato Festival Committee and Friends’ and raised the generous sum of e300 which was donated to Clogheen Hospital fund-raising efforts. The cheque was handed over in Clogheen to a grateful Sr. Aine, the matron of the hospital.


1st. P.J. Hennessy and Brigid O’Brien. Six tables shared 2nd and 3rd: Mossie Hanley & Dinny Wallace; Nell Sheehy & Hannah Hickey; Mick Walsh & Ned Condon; Bernard and Breda Nolan; Rita Noonan & Chrissy Noonan; Helen O’Brien & Mary Hyland. Lucky Tables: 1. Rita & Chrissy Noonan; 2. Helen O’Brien & Mary Hyland. Raffle: 1. Mary Hyland; 2. John Goff; 3. Paddy McGrath; 4. Kitty Butler