Tipperary town needs a proper by-pass

Tipperary town needs a proper by-pass

Tipperary town needs a proper by-pass

Dear Editor

Can I attempt to engage your readers’ attention about a proposed traffic easing solution for Tipperary Town.

The major flaw with this proposal is that it doesn’t bypass the town.

Instead it spreads the congestion and misery by routing traffic to Canon Hayes Park and down O’Brien Street and round by Scalagheen.

I grew up in Canon Hayes Park and a very quite peaceful place it was.

I well remember the corn crake’s evocative call in the field behind our house keeping us awake at night in the 60s.

The “Meadow” as we called this field behind our house will cease to exist if this road and roundabout go ahead.

But I’m not appealing because of a once charming wildflower meadow and the long gone corn crakes.

I’m not objecting because the peace and quiet of the residents of Canon Hayes Park, O’Brien Street, Main Street, Bridge Street will be gone forever.

No the reason this plan has to be scrapped is because it won’t work.

The original bypass route proposed back in the 90s was a route from Pallas Green to Cahir.

In other words a proper bypass road.

THIS is what is needed to divert ALL HGV traffic away from the town.

It costs money I know that but all other towns in Ireland have had bypasses.

Why is Tipperary alone having to suffer traffic of this volume on its residential streets?

If this is put in place it’s there forever and will I believe be hugely detrimental to the town.

Why? Because having used what funds are available with this non solution the chances of ever getting a proper bypass will vanish.

The traffic will increase year on year and the quality of life in Tipperary Town will decrease in inverse proportion.

I urge Tipperary Town Councillors to halt this abomination because it’s is NOT a solution.


Gary Lonergan,

Tipperary Town