Dance Evolution Classes & Drama

Starting in Ballymacarbry Community Centre on Thursday, February 2, from 3 pm to 5.45 pm. Juniors to Teenagers! For more information or to book a space please contact Aileen Hogan on 087-6299508


On Wednesday morning news reached us that Majella Guiry, our treasurer had passed away. Numbness, shock and disbelief hit the whole community and beyond. Over the last seven or so years Majella gave much of her time to community games as a committee member. In the years prior to that Majella travelled to matches and helped out in different activities that each of her five children were involved in. Majella stayed in the background and did what she had to do quietly and without fuss. She attended meetings both in Ballymac and Dungarvan. Majella looked after the art classes for a number of years and was always on hand to take the bag of jerseys and wash them after a game.

Majella enjoyed travelling to the RSC in Waterford for the athletics each year and was very proud when after a lot of fundraising we got a large banner made and some singlets for athletics with ‘Ballymacarbry Community Games’ printed on them. Majella always helped out with the fundraising events to improve our local games. A group of girls that were involved in the football with Lauren and Shauna held a guard of honour holding the banner outside the church for Majella’s funeral. During the requiem mass Lauren took one of the singlets to the altar to represent one of the areas that Majella enjoyed in life.

Majella, you would have been proud and you will be missed. To Tom, Darren, Keith, Dean Lauren, Shauna - Majellas mam Nellie, sister Gillian and all her extended family, we offer our deepest sympathy. Rest in peace, Majella.

Our AGM was held on Tuesday, January 17. There were three present at the meeting. The committee decided that even with a lack of interest in the area, to go ahead and affiliate for the coming year. Sadly, though, the activities we can enter will be reduced.