Opportunity for South Tipp organisations to avail of windfall

Round up the Troops

Round up the Troops

Community Initiative

Organisations throughout South Tipperary have been presented with an opportunity to land a financial windfall to enable them to complete a worthwhile project.

A new initiative between South Tipperary Volunteer Centre and South Tipperary Real Comunities Committee has been launched to support comnmunity organisations with a E1,000 cash prize for the best entry.

€1000 to be spent as your organisations wishes is the main prize that’s up for grabs with the launch of the 2013 RUTT (Round Up The Troops) project. The initiative, a once-off joint venture between the South Tipperary REAL Communities Committee and South Tipperary Volunteer Centre aims to assist community based not for profit organisations in South Tipperary with the completion of projects that they are not in a position to complete themselves due to a lack of sufficient resources or skills within their group.

In essence the project is about cultivating community spirit through volunteerism where a group that has the resources assists a group that doesn’t to complete a project that will benefit the hosting group. Project options are only limited by the resources and skills that the group who plan to take on the project can provide.

Signing up is as simple as talking to your own group to see if you have the resources, skills and time available to complete a project for another organisation, then approaching organisations to source a project for your group to complete.

Four projects will be chosen by the RUTT Project team from those submitted and each will be given a budget of €250. The judging panel will then visit the four completed projects and choose the winner with the group that completed the winning project being awarded the €1000 prize fund.

To register a project, for more information and a full list of terms and conditions go to the RUTT menu item on www.volunteersouthtipp.ie. Closing date for submission of projects is 5pm on September 5th.