‘There’s not a constipated dog in Cashel’

Eamonn Wynne

Eamonn Wynne

The owners of dogs that leave a mess on Cashel’s footpaths fell foul of local Councillors at their monthly meeting.

Cllr. P.J. Quinlan said Cashel was a great place to walk around and people were more than welcome to walk their dogs in the town, but they should clean up after their pets because dog excrement on the footpaths was “an absolute nuisance”.

Cllr. Quinlan requested the Council to implement the Litter Pollution Act, where fines were issued for this offence. He said pooper scoopers were provided free of charge by the Council. The town needed to look its best when it hosted a major European conference in the summer.

“It’s all over the place”, said Cllr. Sean McCarthy, who didn’t believe there was a constipated dog in Cashel.

This mess undid the work of the Tidy Towns Committee and all those who wanted to keep the town clean and tidy, he said.

This was happening very early in the morning, when people walked their dogs, and that was the best time to catch offenders, said Deputy Mayor Cllr. Maribel Wood.

Those guilty of this offence were liable to be fined €1905 and €127 for each day the offence continued, said Town Clerk Marie McGivern. Enforcement of the Act was undertaken by the traffic wardens and special attention would be given to the matter in the coming months.

The Council hadn’t taken any cases in recent years but she agreed it was important to keep the town clean in the year it would host the annual meeting of the Charter of European Rural Communities, as well as supporting the Tidy Towns Committee.