Business community taken to task over town centre litter

Eamonn Wynne

Eamonn Wynne

Clonmel’s business community has been criticised by the Tidy Towns committee for its failure to clear up litter in the town centre.

While Clonmel had maintained its gold medal status in the National Tidy Towns Competition, “we are not making any progress in the litter category”, says Tidy Towns committee secretary Frank O’Donoghue.

“Daily, while walking the footpaths of Clonmel, it is frustrating for our Tidy Towns committee to see the town centre littered and no attempt made by the shops to clean it up.

All this gives a bad impression of our town and it must also have an effect on business”, he said.

Last year’s report advised Clonmel to pay particular attention to the litter situation in the town.

“Unfortunately we didn’t do this and consequently Clonmel lost one mark in the litter category”, said Mr. O’Donoghue.

The report stated “on the evening of adjudication there was a moderate scattering of litter in the town centre, most of it take-away litter and cigarette ends. It was good to note sweeping machines around the town early next morning and by 9am the litter had all but disappeared, but was creeping back by 11am.

It is difficult for a centre the size of Clonmel to control litter. However we have noted your efforts to manage the issue through the National Spring Clean and with the help of local authorities, Fas and residents associations. We note your efforts in this regard and the circular to Clonmel’s take aways, a usual source of litter everywhere.

Litter accumulation was evident at the Tobaraheena wildlife area and it was disappointing to see an accumulation of litter behind the large sign at West Gate and in the adjacent car park. Cigarette butts were visible in small quantities on the streets in the centre of the town.

In the vicinity of the bring banks on the Abbey Road there are problems of disused buildings and litter. The bring banks need cleaning. There was litter and weeds to the right of the entrance to the South Tipp General Hospital. There was litter on the road and weeds in the paving at The Showgrounds Shopping Centre”.

Clonmel is included in Category G, which covers large urban centres, in the Tidy Towns Competition. Its performance improved by one mark, from 298 to 299, out of a total of 400.

Ennis won this particular category with 311 marks.

Frank O’Donoghue said that the adjudication report was good overall, with a lot of improvements in the town.

Clonmel retained its gold medal status – the fifth year in-a-row it has achieved such an award – and he described this as an achievement in itself.