Registering to vote



I don’t think I am registered to vote. How can I vote in the Presidential election and referendums on 27 October?


In order to vote in an election or referendum you must be registered to vote, that is, you must be listed on the Register of Electors held by the local authority where you live.

You must be an Irish citizen to be eligible to vote in a Presidential election or a referendum.

You can check if you are listed on the Register of Electors at You can also inspect the Register which is available in local authority offices, post offices, Garda stations and public libraries. The updated Register is published in Febuary each year.

If your name is not on the Register of Electors you can apply to be included in a supplement to the Register. To do this you should complete form RFA2 and send it to your local authority. You can download it from The form is also available from your local authority.

In order to be included in the supplement used at an election, your application must be received by your local authority at least 15 days before polling day.(Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday are not counted as days for this purpose). So if you want to vote on 27 October 2011 you should make sure your local authority has received your completed form RFA2 by Monday 10 October 2011.

Further information is available from the Citizens Information Centre below.

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