Cashel Promotional Package Reaches Florida

The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce showed off items they received from the Cashel Chamber of Commerce at their 2011 Board Retreat held at the Bayside

The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce showed off items they received from the Cashel Chamber of Commerce at their 2011 Board Retreat held at the Bayside

Lakes Major’s Golf Club, Florida on the 1st December 2011. The items were sent as part of the ongoing development of relations between the two chambers of commerce since the official twinning in March of this year.

Cashel Chamber of Commerce President Mike Ryan said “The items included in the shipment to Florida were aimed at promoting Cashel and South Tipperary to our colleagues in The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce to give them a taste of what Cashel has to offer from crafts to sport.” Mike Ryan then stated that through this alliance both Chambers can cooperate proactively with each other to promote and enhance each others profiles in both Ireland and the United States. The similarities of both areas and Chambers can be drawn from thriving tourism sectors. Palm Bay’s current tourism marketing efforts include promoting the city’s close access to theme parks, eco-tourist destinations, beaches and many other amenities while offering very competitive rates on hotels, car rentals and dining. Cashel is the centre of all tourism in South Tipperary with the magnificent Rock of Cashel as the main attraction complemented by the nearby scenic Glen of Aherlow, Cahir Castle and local top class hotels, restaurants and bars.

The Greater Palm Bay area is locally known as the Space Coast because of it’s proximity to the Kennedy Space Center while Cashel would be known for the famous Rock of Cashel, historical seat of the High Kings of Munster, Mike Ryan pointed out “The differences in our culture and climate is what makes this alliance potentially stronger than most as the tourist experience in Cashel would be totally different to that in Florida. Where we can offer rolling green fields, mild weather and historical landmarks, Palm Bay offers sandy beaches, theme parks and sunshine.”

“We are excited to be aligned with the Cashel Chamber of Commerce and this initial exchange of items that depict this beautiful country’s customs, sports and talents were exciting to receive and most appreciated by the Palm Bay Chamber Board of Directors.” Greater Palm Bay Chamber President and CEO Victoria Northrup was quoted saying.

The Cashel Chamber would like to thank the businesses and organisations that contributed to the promotional package and they included Castlelake Consultancy, Rossa Pottery, Winnie Looby, Cashel Woollen Store, Dundrum House Hotel, AIB and Cashel Rugby Club. “Ireland historically has had a strong relationship with the United States through foreign direct investment, with a multitude of American multinationals situated in the country and also through emigration. I doubt if there is not a family in Cashel or South Tipperary who does not have family in some part of the United States but whereas links with New York, Boston and Chicago have been traditionally strong, the same cannot be said for other states like Florida.”

Said Mike Ryan “So in 2012 both Chambers of Commerce, Cashel and Greater Palm Bay, will further develop joint schemes and initiatives to help bolster promotion of each others areas in various sectors like tourism, business exchanges, franchising and product distribution to enable local businesses from Cashel to gain a foothold in the United Stated markets and likewise for businesses in Florida to gain access to the Irish, British and wider European markets using Cashel as a gateway town”.