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Rockwell College students help Tipp to Kenya Charitable Trust
Rockwell College Students Help Tipp to Kenya Charitable Trust

Rockwell College Students Help Tipp to Kenya Charitable Trust

Junior Cert groups taking the subject of CSPE are required to carry out an ‘Action Project’ their report on which is assessed as part of their Junior Cert Exam. As their action project, the 3C class in Rockwell College held a bake sale. The proceeds of the bake sale were in aid of the From Tipp to Kenya Charitable Trust.

From Tipp to Kenya was set up in 2012 by Richard McCormack, Freda Hayes and Kate Holohan. The trusts aim is to raise funds to build a centrally located secondary school in the Tamaugh Region of Kenya. There are eight primary schools in the area, but no secondary school so this will be the first of it’s kind. The first phase of building is now completed. There are 25 students attending the school but thirty more students are waiting to join as soon as the second phase is finished. With the monies raised, the charity supplies the materials needed to build the school which they hope will be completed within 5 years. 100% of the money raised goes directly into the school and it is a condition of the trust that the trustees have to pay all their own expenses. Due to the fact that the school is being built in one of the most volatile regions of Kenya, little or no support has ever reached this area. The Tipp to Kenya Trust would like to change this.

The students raised €427 for the Tipp to Kenya Trust. A cheque for this amount was presented to the trustees of the charity by the school Principal Ms. Audrey O’Byrne and Ms. E. Kilroy’s 3C CSPE class.