Know Your Rights - Registering A Civil Partnership



How do I and my same-sex partner register a civil partnership now that the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 has been signed into law?


The procedure is that you must first make an appointment with a Registrar to give notification of intention to enter into a civil partnership. This notification must be given at least three months before registration. Civil partnership registration must take place in the presence of two witnesses who are both over 18 years of age. You can simply register a new civil partnership. You do not need to have a civil partnership ceremony, unlike marriages which require a marriage ceremony. However civil partners may choose to have a ceremony and, if you do, the requirements are similar to marriage ceremonies.

You must provide the following documents when giving notification:

A passport as photographic identification (if this is not available, you must discuss this with the Registrar in advance)

Birth certificate (must bear an apostille stamp if it is from outside Ireland)

Proof of address

PPS Number (where applicable)

Other documents are required if either person is divorced, widowed, has had a previous civil partnership dissolved or is a surviving civil partner. The Registrar will advise what is required in each case during the notification appointment. You also need to tell the Registrar the intended date of civil partnership; the names and dates of birth of the two witnesses, and the details of the proposed venue (if not held in a registry office the venue must be open to the public and approved by the Registrar).

If you married or entered into a civil partnership abroad your relationship may be recognised as a civil partnership in Ireland provided certain criteria are met.

You can find more detailed information on civil partnership registration on the General Register Office website:

Further information is available from the Citizens Information Centre below.

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