Get BBQ ready with top tips from award winning Tipperary butcher

Gretta Peters


Gretta Peters


Get BBQ ready with top tips from award winning Tipperary butcher

Brendan Healy with his Best Butcher 2018 award. His new shop is open now in Bansha

Summer living is in full swing and with that the BBQ's are alight and the smell of coals burning and dining al fresco is finally starting!

On that note I bring you some quick tips from Tipperary butcher Brendan Healy who has relocated back to his roots in Bansha with his newly opened artisan butchers.

Brendan is no newcomer to the victualler industry having started out almost 26 years ago. He gained valuable experience and worked with Tom O’Donnell in Cahir from 2003 until he took over the reigns in 2015 with an on-site butcher shop.

Known for his Galtee burgers and great tasting locally sourced produce (all meat is from within a 10 mile radius) Brendan is delighted to be back to his roots and he takes great pride and passion in his food.

I wish him huge continued success! He has kindly offered some of his pro tips to ensuring your BBQ goes down a treat!

Tip 1 - To ensure your BBQ is nice, clean and fresh and that there is no food residue from your previous cooking experience pop on some oil and this will burn off any old food.

Tip 2 - A well seasoned meat is key and all meat should be seasoned at least one hour before your BBQ to ensure you get the best quality taste says Brendan. Cook meat from room temperature and never cook from frozen.

Tip 3 - When cooking on a BBQ, food safety is of upmost importance. To ensure your food is cooked thoroughly, pop in the oven first and finish on the BBQ for the last ten minutes.

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