Get Glam with Gret: Pamper time with this amazing facial

Gretta Peters


Gretta Peters


Get Glam with Gret: Pamper time with this amazing facial

Hello everyone! It’s full on gifting season now for the next couple of weeks and the Black Friday sales are starting as we speak!

While it can be easy to fall victim to overspending when presented with what seems like a great deal, its important to remember not to get caught up in the frenzy when shops start slashing prices. Consumers must remember to be ‘buyer beware’ and if you have a shopping list or gift guide stick to it and try to limit any impulse buys.

Last week I gave a couple of gift ideas, so sticking with some more, this week I had the pleasure of visiting Blush House of Beauty in Clonmel for a wonder treatment called the million dollar facial!

This treatment really does live up to it’s name. It’s luxurious and indulgent and gives amazing results!

It’s a facial using a combination of dermaplanning and micro needling, so not for the faint hearted, and finished off with a hyaluronic face mask.

Your skin is treated from the outside in and you’ll literally feel like a million dollars leaving. Treatment of the skin afterwards is of utmost importance and a repair kit is applied for several days, paying particular attention to using an SPF which is required every day.

This treatment costs €90(current price) and is suitable for both male or female.

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