Mo Chara: Loving home needed for beautiful setter Jake

Catherine O'Brien


Catherine O'Brien


Mo Chara:  Loving home needed for beautiful setter Jake

Loving home needed for beautiful setter Jake

Jake is a stunning English Setter, about two years of age. He has a beautiful dappled, tri-colour coat! Jake was recently left tied to a fence along with another dog – the dogs were simply abandoned with no food or shelter in awful weather. Luckily, a kind man found them, took them in and cared for them until rescue space could be arranged.
Jake is good on the lead and in general very well behaved – we think he may have been trained as a hunting dog, but was perhaps gun-shy and so no longer wanted. Jake is very clean in his indoor kennel at night and very friendly with people and other dogs. He adores a cuddle and a belly rub and we believe he would make a fabulous family pet.
Jake is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is seeking a loving home were he will be cherished for the smashing boy he is and where he will have a secure garden for exercise and toileting.

Birds of a feather
As always with the weather getting colder, we urge you to consider regularly feeding the wild bird birds in your area.
Ireland’s unpredictable weather of recent years means that our native birds struggle through winter and they need your help! Helping wild birds does not need to be a fancy or expensive endeavour – you can start off by simply ensuring that fresh water is always available.
While there are many decorative birdbaths on the market, all you really need is a shallow container (a cat litter tray or upturned bin lid work well) with a large stone in the middle for perching. Just remember to remove any ice that forms in very cold weather so that our feathered friends can reach the water to drink. If you choose to get a bird table, we recommend putting it in the middle of your garden, far from shrubs and bushes that might just conceal a sneaking cat. There are many types of hanging feeders available in shops but it’s also possible to DIY a perfectly effective feeder using recycled materials including plastic bottles, bowls, milk cartons or pine-cones.
Deciding what foods to give can be overwhelming but most pet-shops and garden centres have staff trained to advise you on commercial feeds and in fact, many great bird foods can be found in your own kitchen! Mixing left over cooking fat with oats or cornflakes and a few raisins makes a highly nutritious bird feed. Many birds will always appreciate cubed or shredded cheese, chopped berries or grapes and many larger birds will happily chomp away at have apples or pears.
For more information about Jake or adopting from us at Mo Chara Animal Rescue please email mocharaanimalrescue@, call Nikki on 087-2577182 or Carita on 087-6576022, or find us on Facebook @mocharaanimalrescue