Tipperary school makes sure LC pupils are engaged and prepared for huge challenge ahead

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The nations 6th year students have taken their place in the history books but instead of feeling that fame they are wrought with anxiety and feelings of uncertainty plague their current educational situation.

High School Principal Karen Steenson had a message for all Leaving Cert pupils:

“The cancelling of the orals became a necessary evil but it is hoped that the state exams will take place in July. The Taoiseach's statement that they will ‘by hook or by crook’ has been a comfort to many students and it's important that they remember that all of the country's exam students are in the same boat.

"What's important now is that students do their very best to revise. The majority of courses are complete and they should continue to engage with their teachers on line and follow their guidance."

Mrs. Steenson also points out that they have set up a Student Portal where all notices eg. Career Guidance, interesting articles, Wellbeing tips etc are being posted by the Student Support Team and that it is really important that parents and students check in here regularly.

A special first Year portal is also set up to support younger students who may find this situation overwhelming also.

“There are fun competitions on the go and our creative hub is buzzing with pieces or Art and Poetry being submitted. There is even the opportunity for guitar lessons.

"This will come to an end and what’s important is that we are a community and its vital that we protect that in this time when we cant be together.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our frontline workers especially those who are part of our school community and to tell their families that we thank you for their sacrifice also. We look forward to seeing all again soon, We miss you!!” said the High School Principal