Achieve your goals by increasing your energy expenditure, says Tipperary fitness guru

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Fitness instructor Sinead O'Donnell is with Elevate gym based in Clonmel

Have you ever seen the term N.E.A.T on social media and always wondered what it meant. Well here is quick explanation of what it means.

N.E.A.T. stands for Non exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT is the energy we expend from everything we do on a daily basis that is not sleeping, eating or sports/exercise.

Things like walking, the chores you do around the house, typing, doing work in the garden etc. all help to improve your NEAT.

NEAT can help us reach the goals we want to achieve.

This is because we increase our energy expenditure which in turn will help our goals towards fat loss and general health.

Improve your NEAT by taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking further away and walking to your destination etc.

Increasing your NEAT is a small change you can make for a bigger win.