Get Glam with Gret: Invest time and effort in your skin and hair

Gretta Peters


Gretta Peters


Get Glam with Gret: Invest time and effort in your skin and hair

Hello everyone and I hope that you are all safe and well! We are into our next week of lockdown and it’s undoubtedly hard going but absolutely worth it all! We will be so much more grateful for our regular daily lives when please God this is all over.

For us ladies in particular the treats of having our hair and nails done seems a distant memory at present but using our own products at home and having our own self care products is key to feeling even better!

Hair care: I’m no pro at hair but having coarse hair myself and with it also being extremely thick it is hard to manage without the regular blow dry and treating it at home can be hard! I don’t know about you, but supermarket products just don’t do it for me!

Lots of our amazing hair salons are still selling some beautiful products such as ranges from Kevin Murphy, Actyva and Alfaparf which are all stunning products to use on any hair type.

Nails: By now our gel nails and shellac are starting to grow out and we are filing them down ourselves. Number one tip is do not pull them off or risk destroying your own nails through the process. If you soak your own nails in acetone and tin foil this will help the process!

There are so many stunning ranges from€ 1.99 from Essence range to salon range CnD costing about €12! It’s time to pamper and do it ourselves until we can let the professionals at them again!

Skincare: My skin this time of year always changes and I often say you need to change your skincare regime a little throughout the year! SPF is so important every day of the year and I use a combination of great products from Image Ireland available nationwide!

Products like Murad are simply stunning hydrating and great on your skin! But my newest product added to the regime is from Yonka Ireland a stunning serum which gives added hydration, something our skin needs! A full range is available at Lir Beauty Tipperary Town.

Chat next week,

Lots of love, Gretta Xxx