'Yesteryears' delves into the photographic archives of Tipperary in new book






'Yesteryears delves into the photographic archives of Tipperary in new book

Yesteryears - A photographic trip down memory lane

They say a picture paints a thousand words and there are certainly thousands of stories in the myriad of pictures which appear in the latest edition of 'Yesteryears' published by the Tipperary Star and The Nationalist.

Pic: The late John Power, pictured left, from Leigh, Two Mile Borris with his neighbour Con Bowe (Leigh and former great cross country runner) snapped having lunch in the meadow during the hay making season of 1962. Note horse cart in the background.

The pictures are diverse and span a huge period of history - from the early 1900's to the late 1990's, giving a rich flavour of life in County Tipperary during this time.

This latest collection of photos affords viewers an opportunity to see the many towns and villages as they were so many decades ago and is a stark reminder of how the landscape throughout Tipperary has changed so fundamentally over the years.

Yesteryears - A trip Down Memory Lane appears will hit shop shelves on April 20.

Pic: Parishioners and residents of Cappawhite on their way to the ceremony in 1967 for the laying of the foundation stone for their new church, the Church of Our Lady of Fatima. Pictures: Christopher Nugent (courtesy of Brendan Treacy Collection) 

Pic: Miners Neddy Healy, Jack Carroll and one of their colleagues are pictured during their tea break underground in the mines