Cllr David Doran welcomes Mary Lou McDonald as Leader of Sinn Féin

Cllr David Doran welcomes Mary Lou McDonald as Leader of Sinn Féin

”It’s a proud day for Deputy Mary Lou McDonald TD and her family to have been chosen as our Party President elect at a meeting last weekend in Belfast, a decision which will be ratified by the grassroots next month at our party’s special Ard Fheis,” Cllr David Doran told The Tipperary Star this week.

The Sinn Fein councillor said that Mary Lou was the only nominee for the position so it will be just a formality on February 10th when the Ard Fheis meets.

“It was my privilege to have proposed her candidacy at our recent Tipperary Comhairle ceanntair meeting a week ago, which was unanimously supported by the members present, and it’s especially significant having Mary as Uachtarain Shinn Féin given that her mother is from the Premier County - sure she’s half a Tipp woman!

“Mary Lou has a big job of work ahead of her, there is no doubt about that from the stalemate at Stormount to tackling the enormous crises in health, providing sustainable jobs and employment, Brexit, rural issues of roads and housing and much more besides, all in parallel with a looming General Election which is not before time, and all of the above can only be achieved realistically from the Government benches of Dáil Éireann.

“I’ve always opined that we should be in Government and be prepared to be part of Government when the time was right. Now, I believe, is that time and I do hope we here in Tipp will have a Sinn Fein TD to be a part of Mary Lou’s team in that next Dáil.

“Tipperary has been for far too long overlooked and neglected by successive Governments for years and years, Thurles, for example, never really recovered from the closure of the Sugar Factory followed by Erin foods, GMX, Valley Ice Cream and many more and despite many promises to replace these industries we are still waiting for some major employment news for the area!!

“Both Nenagh and Cashel hospitals were downgraded, Limerick and Clonmel A&Es cannot cope while the hospital appointment lists get longer and longer. We were also promised a ring road for Thurles 30 years ago which has yet to materialize while the state of the streets and footpaths currently are diabolical. Now that’s just to mention a few issues of which there are many more across the County and Country.

“Our party, Sinn Fein never had that opportunity to be in Government to tackle theses issues and maybe now given that opportunity and with a new leader at the helm this could be the time.

“I very much want to pay tribute to our outgoing President and iconic leader, Gerry Adams, who has led us through the most tumultuous times in our troubled history where there is no doubt in my mind the Good Friday agreement and his major contribution to it, will be his everlasting legacy. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the Republican movement for the last 24 years with Gerry as our leader and I will always be proud to call him my friend and comrade,” Cllr Doran said.

Right: Cllr Doran pictured with Mary Lou McDonald.