Referendum passes with 66.4 percent in favour of repeal





Referendum passes with 66.4 percent in favour of repeal

Ireland has voted to change the constitution to repeal the Eighth Amendment by a majority 66.4 percent. 

The result was announced at Dublin Castle on Saturday evening revealing the Yes side won the vote by 66.4 percent to 33.6 percent.

Turnout nationally was 64.13 per cent, reflecting Tipperary's figure of 64 percent. 

In Tipperary, votes in favour of repeal stood at 42,731 while the No side stood at 29,516. The number of invalid votes was 238. 

The count centre in Thurles was dominated by members of Tipperary Together for Yes, some of whom burst into tears as the results were announced by Returning Officer James Seymour earlier today, which saw Tipperary vote 59.1 percent in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment. 

Throughout the morning the Yes campaign lead the way in Tipperary, in line with the rest of the country, with each round of tallies putting the repeal side significantly ahead.

In total turnout in the county stood at 64 percent with Roscrea and Nenagh reflecting a high YES vote however tallies from the Thurles area were pretty evenly divided. Boxes from booths in Ardmayle and Killcommon were reportedly some of the few locations to vote ‘NO.’

Tallies showed that Newcastle in south Tipperary also returned a YES vote, although narrow, with both booths polling just over 50 percent in favour of repeal. 

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