Leaving Cert students 'break the 600 points ceiling mark' at Tipperary school

Dylan White


Dylan White



Leaving Cert students 'break the 600 points ceiling mark' at Tipperary school

Comeragh College principal Kevin Langton praises Leaving Cert Class of 2020

There were mixed emotions as 2,134 students in Tipperary received their calculated Leaving Cert results online last Monday morning.

Nationally, 57,569 students were due to sit the Leaving Certificate (Established) programme this year and a further 2,850 candidates were enrolled on the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

The calculated grades process combined information provided by schools about students’ expected performance in an examination and national data available in relation to the performance of students in examinations over a period of time. This approach was adopted this year as a direct result of Covid-19, which prevented the State from running the conventional examinations.

Calculated grades produced grades that were an average of 4.4% higher than 2019. Across all subjects at higher level the rate of grade 1s rose by 3.3%, the rate of grade 2s by 1.8% and the rate of grade 3s by 3.2%. At ordinary level, where there was less prevalence of overestimation, the rate of grade 1s rose by 1.7%, the rate of grade 2s by 1.8% and the rate of grade 3s by 0.3%.

Comeragh College principal Kevin Langton says Leaving Cert results recipients at the Carrick-on-Suir school were rewarded for their “hard work and resilience” over the last six years.

“I’m very, very happy with the results across the board. To have a number of students break the 600 points ceiling mark is unbelievable. Traditionally we would have some subjects that would beat the others, but this year we had fantastic grades across a range of subjects,” Mr Langton tells TipperaryLive.ie.

Mr Langton heaps praise on the “mature” Class of 2020. “Since the school closed back in March, the way the students worked online was fantastic. Even when the goalposts kept changing, they stuck at what the teachers were telling them to do. I am very proud of how they dealt with the challenges that came their way. They were an exceptionally good group of young adults,” he continues.

Mr Langton predicts that the Class of 2020 will make a positive impact on the world, praising their parents and the professionalism of teachers at the school for their guidance and support. “I would nearly ask these students for some advice because they are such a mature group of young men and women,” Mr Langton smiles.

“It is not just about university. There are apprenticeships, the workforce and other options, and it’s not just one stereotype we have here. For now, students can relax, reflect and celebrate in a safe manner.

“They will be made CAO offers this Friday and  I am very confident that most of them will get what they want. If they don’t, it’s not the end of the road and they will have the support of the school’s career guidance department. It’s definitely not a stop sign - some may have to go on a detour but they will reach their final destination with hard work. These students have shown resilience over the last six years, particularly since March,” Mr Langton says.